Create amazing long exposures and light paintings with your iPhone!

Light Painter finally brings long exposures to the iPhone to let you capture nighttime cityscapes, landscapes, create 'ghosts', or abstract scenes for example. Light Painter has a mode ("Additive") which makes long exposures possible with a customizable exposure rate.

Another popular long exposure technique is the use of lights to "paint" the scene to create a dramatic effect. An online search for "light painting" will provide several examples. Lights will streak across the photo allowing you to draw with light. Light Painter includes a mode named "Maximum" which makes painting with light incredibly easy and virtually impossible to get bad results.

You can even mix the 2 modes to easily create complex scenes. Begin with the "Maximum" mode to use a light to paint a shape. When you're done, switch to "Additive" mode to expose the scene even further.

Photos are saved to your photo album for you to upload using any other app of your choice.

Get started painting with light using LightPainter!

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(Mode: Additive)

Campfire Embers

(Mode: Maximum)

Campfire Embers and Flashlight Painting

(Mode: Maximum)

Campfire Embers

(Mode: Maximum then Additive)