A convenient round timer for your iPhone/iPod touch.  The Round Timer is a fully functional round/sparring timer that allows you to customize the length of the rounds, warning bell and resting period.  Each of these intervals can be configured separately up to an hour.  With the sound themes, you can choose which sounds to use: boxing/MMA, a relaxing Zen theme, and a few others.

For large, loud environments you can plug your device into a stereo, or for small sessions put it in the corner of the mat.  The Round Timer is great for any sparring or interval training: boxing, MMA, grappling / bjj, martial arts, yoga, meditation, stretching, etc.

Working out to music is not a problem. Start you music playing in the iPod app, then start RoundTimer. The sounds will play over top of your music without interrupting it.

Please feel free to e-mail support@plainandsimplesoftware.com to suggest new sound themes!

Interested in interval training (Tabata, symmetrical, etc... intervals)? Check out our "IntervalTimer". Want more control? Check out "UltraTimer".


- You can turn off the warning or rest periods by setting the time to zero.

- In the iPod App, begin playing a playlist, then go into the Interval Timer and begin your training. The music will continue playing while you train.


No sound

There are 2 common causes of no sound being produced on the iPhone or iPod Touch:

iPhone: The app respects the ringer mute switch and the ringer volume. Make sure that the ringer mute switch is not enabled (top-left of the side of the phone) and that the ringer volume is turned up.

iPod Touch: The app does not use the internal buzzer/speaker but rather plays through the headphones and/or speakers when the iPod is docked. In your iPod’s ‘Settings,’ under “General” > “Sounds,” make sure that “Sound Effects” is set to “Both.”

Crash When Running

The most common cause of this issue is a bad installation. Trust us, we wouldn’t release an App that crashes right away; that is just bad practice. To resolve this, remove the App (press and hold its icon and tap the ‘X’ that appears to remove it), then re-download it from the App Store (when you re-download it, it will ask for your password and then tell you that you have downloaded it previously and you can re-download it. You will not be charged again.) Wait for the installation to complete and try to run the App again.