UltraTrainer is your virtual coach, trainer, and training partner. It is a revolutionary timer which was not available previously on any mobile device.

There are two types of intervals which can be mixed in UltraTrainer:

- Traditional Intervals

- Randomized Action Intervals

In a traditional interval, the interval is a specified duration. This is what you would normally expect from an interval timer. Routines such as Tabata, HIIT, etc, are incredibly easy to setup and modify.

The Randomized Action Intervals is where UltraTrainer truly breaks new ground. UltraTrainer will call out Actions for you to perform in random order AND at random times that you control.

For example, if you are shadow boxing or hitting the heavy bag, you would normally think of a combination of punches and throw them. Instead of consciously coming up with the combination, UltraTrainer can tell you what punches to throw. It can call out 'JAB!', then a second later 'JAB CROSS!', then a second and a half later, 'CROSS HOOK!', until the interval ends.

This is how UltraTrainer can be your virtual coach/trainer/training-partner: you can not train reactionary reflexes without somebody or something telling you what to do in random order and at random times.

Martial artists can work on reflexes by creating timers that randomize movement ("Forward!", "Backwards!") and actions ("Sprawl!").

Cyclists can simulate mountain road courses by setting up intervals that randomize pedaling speed.

Crossfit athletes make HEAVY use of timers for quick high-intensity workouts. The sample timer "Fight Gone Horribly Wrong" is based on "Fight Gone Bad" but with a twist. Each of the 5 stations is called out in random order and the duration at each station is randomized between 20 seconds and 1 minute. The result? A franticly paced workout because you never REALLY know when the next station will be called out so you have to try to completely exert yourself at the current station.

For a complete workout, you can set up a Timer Group which will play individual timers back to back. Start out with your favorite Warm Up timer,  then run through your favorite Training timer, and end with a Stretching timer. UltraTrainer will run you through your full workout automatically.

Exclusive to our products, users can browse the Timer Exchange, a community where people freely exchange timers. Search, browse, and download timers that other users have uploaded. If you want, you can upload your own timers to share with others.

You can also trade timers directly with a friend using a Wireless connection, E-mail, or the clipboard to transfer them other ways.

UltraTrainer can be used for martial arts, mma, boxing, bjj, circuit training, interval training (Tabata, HIIT), Crossfit, yoga, meditation, cycling, running / sprinting, swimming, time-management, multi-stage recipes for cooking, weight lifting, stretching, and anything else you might be able to think of. As you can see, UltraTrainer can be used in all sorts of situations.

Features in UltraTrainer:

- Timer Exchange community

- Duplicate timers

- Random interval actions

- Copy/Paste Intervals and Actions

- Rearrange intervals

- Delayed start time

- Over 70 included sounds

- Record your own sounds

- Large countdown timer display

- Countdown timer display can be portrait or landscape

- Help system explains each option on the current screen

- iPod music playback control lets you pause/play the current track or move to the next track from the countdown timer screen

- Pause the timer to temporarily halt the activity

- Timer is automatically paused if it is interrupted and is restored when you come back into the App

- Screen can be locked by the user and the timer will still run

- Intuitive setup

Have a suggestion, question, or problem with the UltraTrainer? Please email us at support@plainandsimplesoftware.com. We listen.


No sound

There are 2 common causes of no sound being produced on the iPhone or iPod Touch:

iPhone: The app respects the ringer mute switch and the ringer volume. Make sure that the ringer mute switch is not enabled (top-left of the side of the phone) and that the ringer volume is turned up.

iPod Touch: The app does not use the internal buzzer/speaker but rather plays through the headphones and/or speakers when the iPod is docked. In your iPod’s ‘Settings,’ under “General” > “Sounds,” make sure that “Sound Effects” is set to “Both.”




UltraTrainer HD

For the iPhone, iPod Touch, and an ‘HD’ version for the iPad.

Includes the ‘Timer Exchange’, a community where users freely trade timers.